Private Instruction

  • 2 hour Private Lessons: Just you and your instructor

  • The Fastest & most comprehansive way to learn

  • Two way radio helmets

  • All equipment provided

  • Insurance

  • 65€ an hour

  • IKO certification

Kitesuruf lessons two people

  • Two people sharing one kite *

  • 3 hour lessons

  • Rescue Boat

  • All equipment provided

  • Insurance

  • 33€ / person / hour

  • IKO Certification

* Course must be booked with a friend. If you are travelling alone you will need to choose Private Instruction

Guidance and Coaching

  • For Kiters - make the most of your time. Kevin has been kiting here in Tarifa non-stop since 2006

  • Go to the best spots for the conditions each day

  • Coaching for new tricks / dealing with different conditions

  • 65€ / session using your own kit * (up to 3 hours)

* If you don´t have your own kit yuou will need to add rental on top

Sardinia camp

Next Sardinia Camp Sept. 2023

  • Self catering Accommodation 5 minutes from the spot.

  • Airport transfers and transport

  • Coaching: Flat water spot, perfect for beginners and advanced tricks

Lessons only


  • Private lessons are the best way to learn

  • 2 hour lessons (but can request more)

  • Book now to secure your place

accommodation only

Stay in our happy guesthouse!

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